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We Buy Land

We Buy LandResidential land in Howard County, Maryland, is a valuable investment. You’ve decided to take advantage of that investment and are considering selling a piece of your property—whether a cherished family farm held for generations or a recently acquired parcel intended for quick resale.

The next step is to find an experienced buyer you can trust. After all, the final transaction will take an enormous amount of trust on both sides of the bargaining table.

With more than 25 years of experience building exquisite, distinctive custom luxury homes in Howard County, award-winning Trinity Homes has established a reputation for honesty and integrity among our homeowners and others. We understand that trust, relationship, and experience are critical whether selecting a homebuilder or a buyer for your land.


From the handshake to signing the legal document, it is imperative that both parties be trustworthy and fair, and work together amicably to avoid any misunderstandings. After all, your relationship with the buyer may last for years.

At Trinity Homes, we have built our company with ethical people who are deeply committed to our customers. We’re a company you can trust.


The agreement of sale is only as good as the relationship between the two parties doing business. When a difference of opinion occurs between what was agreed on with a handshake and that written in the agreement of sale by a well-intended attorney, trust and relationship matter the most.

One of the hallmarks of Trinity Homes is our dedication to excellence and service. Numerous satisfied clients have expressed their appreciation for our efforts to keep open the lines of communication. That’s because building lasting relationships with our customers is paramount.


It takes experience and hard work to realize the ultimate value of your property. Because the approval process in Howard County can be time-consuming and expensive, Trinity Homes will undertake the approval process at our expense; often without commissions involved. In some cases, we will even pay real estate taxes on your property while it is awaiting development.

Trinity Homes endeavors to build a quality relationship with you that is trustworthyand is based on years of experience. When you feel the time is right to begin the discussion, please call Timothy Keane at 410-480-0023 and allow us an opportunity to make an offer to purchase your property.