Dedicated to Excellence and Service

Our Personalized Home Building Process

Trinity Homes is passionate about crafting your exquisite oasis-your dream home.

Dedicated to excellence and service, our talented team will guide you through the homebuilding process. It is our privilege to make you our customer for life. Let’s get started!

Select your home site

  • Our expert new home sales team will help you find just the right home site.
  • You and our sales team will then prepare your Contract of Sale. We will present your contract to our building team for ratification. On receiving their approval, our sales team will verbally confirm that approval with you and will distribute ratified copies of the contract to you, the lender, and the title company.

Explore options for financing your luxury home

  • You will meet with our preferred lenders to identify financing options and, within 7 calendar days of approval of your sales contract, will make your loan application. Please let our sales team know which lender you have selected.
  • Within 15 calendar days of making your loan application, your lender must provide written credit approval to our sales team.

Bring your vision to life

  • Within 15 calendar days of approval of your sales contract, you and our sales team will meet to customize your home. You will finalize all structural selections and changes to your floor plan so that we may create a structural set of personalized blueprints for your review and approval.
  • After approving the preliminary plans, it is time to decide the details! Our selections team will assist you in choosing non-structural options, colors, and final finishes to help you bring your vision to life.
  • On your plans, we will clearly note your selections for standard and optional features. We will send a final, detailed set of blueprints plus the completed selections sheets to you for review, approval, and signature.

Watch our experts lovingly craft your home

  • After framing is complete, you will meet with your construction project manager to discuss your expectations and questions about the homebuilding process and time line.
  • We encourage you to visit your home during construction. A construction site, though, can be deceptive and dangerous. Because your safety is paramount, please call our new home sales team to schedule a supervised visit to the construction site.

Welcome home

  • Your beautiful home is done! Your construction project manager will take you on a pre-settlement walk-through to inspect finishes and demonstrate the operation of appliances, mechanicals, plumbing, and electrical. We welcome your questions about your new home.
  • Within 7 days of the walk-through, our sales team will schedule delivery and turn over of your home to you.
  • After 60 days in your new home, you will have a service call with our experienced Service Manger.
  • At the 1-year anniversary, you may meet again with our Service Manager for a final service call for your home. It is important to Trinity Homes that we have exceeded your expectations during the homebuilding process.